Got My Money On My Mind

Why does talking about finances seem like such a taboo topic? Maybe now more than ever before, it’s time to learn to have these conversations. It seems like everyone faced financial stress during the pandemic and even today, people are still trying to get their footing in an ever changing economic landscape.

“All of these actions and lack of actions can lead to financial stress, sleep disorders or depression. It’s so important for you to remember that every financial situation is unique and that you are in control of your relationships. Almost everything around money is fixable and I want people to know that.” – Erika Wasserman

Join Marjorie Morrison and Paul Deger as they explore the impact finances can have on our mental health as well as what actionable steps there are to relieve financial stress.

Meet the Experts:

Dr. Christina Lynn, MD is an experienced Medical Director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. She is part of HCA Healthcare and shares her thoughts on how to handle financial stress. To learn more, click here:

Erika Wasserman is CEO of Your Financial Therapist, which she founded in 2019. As a Certified Financial Therapist CFT-I™, she combines her education in finance and international economics with her passion for helping others, empowering individuals, couples, and companies to reshape the way they think about money. To read more, click here:

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