Anti-Racism: What Comes Next?

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Events of the past few years have driven more conversations about systemic racism, diversity and inclusion. The pandemic exposed the racial disparities in the healthcare system. During the lockdown, we also had the shared experience of watching the murders, violence and hate crimes towards individuals from the BIPOC community on the news and in our social media feeds.. Following the lead of our youth, people of all ages and backgrounds have come to realize that the conversation needs to change and action needs to be taken to move us forward towards an inclusive and equitable future.

“There is also a space for understanding that the health inequities including the mental health inequities, put a huge burden on a specific population of our nation, of our communities. That then puts a burden on all of us because we are all affected.” – Dr. Patrice Malone

Our hosts, Marjorie Morrison and Paul Deger are joined by two experts and discuss how the conversation around race changed as well as what is being done by companies, institutions and individuals to bring change and make the new normal more inclusive.

Meet the Experts:

Patrice K. Malone, MD is a psychiatrist at Columbia University. She Co-founded the Psychiatry Residents Diversity Alliance and is the director of the Dr. June Jackson Christmas Medical Student Program. Dr. Malone created the “Bold Conversations for Healing and Reshaping Our Medical Center Communities” which is part of CopeColumbia. To read more, click here:

Sofia B. Pertuz, Ph.D. is a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional and ICF certified executive coach with over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, assessment, and inclusive excellence in higher education, nonprofit and corporate organizations. To read more, click here:

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